Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lone Pine - The Loveliest Little Town in California

I know, I know. Been gone for a while and you're probably wondering what distracting adventure has kept me away from the 'puter.

Hate to disappoint; so's here's the story of our latest travels.

Returning from southern Arizona in a new vehicle, a 2008 GMC Canyon; we over nighted at the Whitney Portal Hostel in Lone Pine, just ten miles from the 'closed' sign at the bottom of the Whitney Portal snow covered access road.

The next day we snow shoed four miles to the cabin cuddled in seven foot of snow - quiet, pristine, welcoming.

Two days later, we loaded the toboggan and on a smiling brilliant blue skyed day buckled on our snow shoes and delivered the load to the little GMC whose name is Betty.

Tomorrow we head for San Jose, a visit with our American children, and then continue north to -28F North Dakota.

Wish us good fortune and sunny skies for the duration.