Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Tuesday's Blue Skies

The Aussie is up the mountain again. His fitness levels improve with each trip. We did eat a tad too much of the bread pudding he brought down from the cabin on his last trip to 7800 feet, but it won't hang around his belly button too long after today's three miles of 3000 foot elevation gain and loss through the snow covered terrain.

My healing sprained ankle is doing well, but not well enough to carry me far up the snow shoe route on the mountain. I'm gonna sit here and write you notes about the whole physical endeavour whilst my ankle continues to unswell..and then when we get back to Nordacotah, the cross country skiis will help me turn soft muscle into a mean machine - yeah right - we all know about future plans -- the only difficulty is making sure they actually manifest.

The day is magnificient! Slight breeze, cool temps - perfect for working hard in the outdoors - especially this incredible outdoors.

We'll be here in Lone Pine til Saturday and then head south to enjoy friends in Tucson...then drive back to San Jose to spend some time with my middle child..the artist!