Monday, November 08, 2010

Life at 70

My first birthday card arrived today..thanks Becca!! On the front was a gigantic blue 70.

Couldn't figure out why my dear friend would make such an error.

This couldn't possibly be my 70th birthday. She must have purchased it to send to someone else who died just in the nick of time and so she was recycling it for me as a joke!

No joke.

My dearest partner, Graham, took a look, smiled and said..'ah you have to admit just how long you've been hangun round. '

Caught! Dearly caught..It's a long time to flutter hither and yon. Many snows have passed since that birthing back in Flint, Michigan. Lots has changed. But, finally what counts is that I've done a good deed or five here and there, smoked a joint or three, driven into lots of snowy ditches, made love to a couple of amazing men, and today am cozy and creative in our little prairie house looking forward to our upcoming trip to the Sierra.

love you all..