Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Pudding

Only the Irish could convince me to actually attempt a Christmas pudding..and so I must give credit to Desmond, the Irishman on an INFJ listserve to which I belong. He posted his fav pudding recipe with strict instructions about making one's own bread crumbs.

I succumbed! On the stove for the past hour and for another two are several small Christmas puddings complete with brandy and Guinness substitute, full of fruit, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg et al.

If it all comes out as a delicious treat, I'll post again to let you know. If it all comes out as a delicious treat we have Agnes Lind to thank. It was her culinary tools - the ones she left behind twenty years ago when she moved out of the house - that were used to good effect. Rubber spatulas, wooden spoons, huge enamel bowls, a Sunbeam mix master, a Sunbeam blender, measuring cups and spoons - the whole nine yards tumbled out of drawers and were useful in combining ingredients, in preparing a sumptuous dessert for the holidays.

We are, indeed, fortunate folks to have rescued this little prairie house from the raccoons who had use of it for far too long. Time to titillate human taste buds for a bit.

Happy third week in November to you all.