Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Day After - election results

Oh, I know we could agonize over many of the decisions that seem to have been made by those Americans who cared enough to vote. (Why, oh why, isn't it a legal requirement for everyone to vote?)

In my home state, North Dakota, the republican candidates won every contest which they entered. That's why I love California. Even though the dipsy doodle house of representatives republican candidate for my home town there won again (I think he's gonna be in office til they carry him out in a coffin), most of the state voted my political conscience. They didn't allow big oil to win the day. They voted for JERRY..hooray..the man ran a brilliant campaign, which, of course, means he drew a brilliant selection of folks around him. I personally want to thank whoever was in charge of JERRY's Facebook page..kudos, for sure.

Barbara is still the second senator from California..hooray for the gurls with the dark curls..blonds may have more fun, but they are also sometimes just not up to the really hard chores required of senators...ya know what I mean..and those blonds are male as well as female.

So, last night I fell off to sleep a very unhappy voter...the projections were abysmal.

This morning, I awoke with slightly more perspective. Dreams and a empathetic Australian husband will do that to you.

Since we lost the election here in Nordacotah, we went out and bought the wood to build a new passageway from the house to the garage so we can park the ute there instead of in the snow in January when it is really really cold on the great northern plains.

So, be well..have hope that the naysayers in the world who hate helping their fellow humans with health care and jobs have only a modicum of impact on the great American experiment..stop buying from the corporations who supported the candidates you oppose cause then those corps will have less money next time with which to support those candidates..and be happy..

Remember it's how we react to setbacks in life that determines who we are, not the setbacks themselves. React well, my friends..and know that you are loved entities. :)