Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Day After the Birthday Celebration

No hangover!

But we did head north to Estevan in Canada for Vietnamese. Delicious - not as delicious as the Vietnamese in Brisbane, but tasty, clean, fat free Asian food served with a smile and a cup of Jasmine tea. Rice paper spring rolls - my fav.

Then we did the slip and slide across icy city streets - had to put the little ute in four wheel drive to get through one intersection. We're still novices at this black ice travel, to be sure.

The Aussie had a harrowing experience with similar black ice the day before as he approached the morraine on the way to Powells Lake. A series of massive SSSSS with no oncoming vehicles got his attention. Glad my sprained ankle kept me home propped up. My screams would have added nothing to the experience - of this we are both certain.

Life is good! A blood pressure cuff and machine arrived in the mail today. I did well! 115/75, a slightly better reading than the 124/40 on election day when I attempted to give blood at the Red Cross Drive here in Flaxton.

We depart for places south in 9 days..looking forward.