Monday, November 01, 2010

6 a.m.

Crystal clear at 6 a.m. this morning after two days of almost perfect foggy dew.

Woke up to the crescent moon staring me in the face through the window - brilliant!

Downloaded a new operating system on my laptop last night and just couldn't wait to get up to play with the web to see how well it operated.

Perfectly - crystal, like the atmosphere surrounding us here on the prairie.

I can use Hotmail again and can access the real time counter on this blog. Hopefully facebook will also work better. I think the old OS on this machine was new six years ago; a lifetime on the internet.

So, it's dark for another hour or so here in Nordacotah..the sunrise ought to be delightful. The school bus with its flashing lights ought to pass on our street in about fifteen is so strange to think of living in a house where the chillins are up and ready to go to school in the own experience back in the day, but that day is more than 50 years ago..oh my

Tomorrow is a birthday celebration for two of my favourite folks in the in advance, Happy Day to Marcia and Sarah...I love you both!!

Catch you in the sunlight..may laughter and warm hugs follow you all the hours of your celebration