Monday, October 04, 2010

Window on the Prairie

Weather has been delightful - 20C (68F) in the afternoon, 5C (40F) just before dawn. Sunny skies prevail. Couldn't ask for better weather for this cutting holes in the walls of the second story of our tidy little prairie house..

Photos —>

I am so aware of my lack of courage as I watch the Aussie cut and paste, saw and nail, organize, destroy, and rebuild what will be on Wednesday ( when the new windows arrive from Minot) a most beautiful addition to our home. I admit that physical power has as much to do with G-man's success as his brilliant mind, which makes it difficult to imagine a lesser person taking on this task.

I assure you we sleep well at night if for no other reason the fact that we are physically fatigued.

p.s. click on the title to this entry to go to Pella window possibilities. Ours will be very similar to the very first picture on the left.

Joy comes from creating beauty! I am blessed at the opportunity to supervise (yeah, right) this artistic addition to the house the raccoons once owned.