Thursday, October 07, 2010

Wednesday Windows

Ah, sure!


Called the Pella distributer in my closest big town to see what time our 8 foot x 5 foot windows would be delivered today.

Fancy that!

Delivery date has changed - hopefully the weather goddess will hold us in the palm of her precious hands and keep the rain from pelting the upstairs until 12 October - a week hence.

The open space awaits the glass - the night sky gleams star filled through the opening - the sun rising in the east brushes tentacles over the newly laid bedroom floor sweeping highlights to and fro, and I, loving the sense of indoor/outdoor look forward to the peak of the gable filled with double paned window glass to dispell the 32 degrees of fahrenheit lurking in the early morning.

In the meantime, hope your weather and windows serve you well!!