Friday, October 08, 2010

Thursday sunshine on white paint

Have you ever painted a pale pale blue latex paint onto a brilliant white oil primer in the sunshine?

I just did. You can ask my eyes what they think of this silly decision

The white part of the front of the garage is finished.

The Merlot trim awaits my brush which will NOT be working out there today. It's actually warmer here today than Weatherunderground says it is in Brisbane - how's that for a turnaround?

82 F = 28C, clear skies and the wasps are looking for a new spot on which to rebuild. One found the knuckle on my middle finger, left hand as a landing spot and then most unceremoniously left his stinger behind! What's that all about? Come on universe!! I didn't kill the wasp's nest - G-man did , course I asked him to and a fine job he did!!

Time to write short stories about windows, little gurls at the city council meeting, a fellow who washes trucks before they can travel north across the border - Canada does not approve of Amerikan road dust!!

be well..