Friday, October 29, 2010


How does one describe the sun as it breaks through the autumnal low lying clouds to warm the windows after an early season snowstorm? A million writers have described the sense of well being that comes with those miraculous rays.

Today, I watched as the sun lit the deep red geranium blosssoms standing quietly just inside the window seat, their contageous smile inviting the slender sunflower stems planted a week ago to reach for that same warmth.

Outside the lilac bushes, whose leaves are still crackly dark green but attached to their branches, cast shadows upon the otherwise sparkling snow.

The fir tree stands tall after lashing itself firmly to the ground as the wind whipped it ceaselessly for the past two days; its green self stalwart sucking up the nutrients offered by the glorious orb hanging like a solstice decoration off to the south-east.

Joy - a soft influence this time of year - permeates the room. On the other side of the window are the contrasts between the white snow, the suddenly baby blue skies, and the deep golden reeds surrounding the grey frozen pond. Beyond lie the yellow stubble of a harvested oat field.