Sunday, October 31, 2010


Three hours this morning the computer sang with the music of sanity! Jusuf and Jabar, Crowe and Kid Rock, rhythm and blues, rapping troops, a troop quartet with the American anthem, silly Cobert, and a philosophical Stewart filled our prairie house with laughter and tears.

I love it when Americans come together to harmonize! I love it when the Aussie sees that we aren't all political muleskinners unwilling to consider the points of view of the 'other' side.

While I smiled through the brekkie dishes, made a loaf of bread, did the laundry, changed the sheets on the bed, and generally approved..even of Ozzie..can you believe I approved of the neanderthal.. The Washington Mall vibrated with the enthusiasm that can only come through the common cosideration of a hundred thousand folks.

I live in a state that only has four times more folks than were in this Washington celebration today. I like living in this quiet, foggy place. And, I love what folks gave to Stewart today - their support in creating a different view of who many Americans choose to be.

Hope you saw the whole shindig. If not, hope you will access it on line or on Comedy Central - worth your time..