Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Paint, paint while the sun shines

Temperatures are dropping, at least for the day. Almost noon and the temp in the sunshine is only 55, not bad for an October day in the harvested north prairie of america.

Yesterday all outside work came to a halt with rain predicted. Only 40 drops actually hit the ground. Had to hand water the petunias and the parsley that I left out.

No worries, but I still have the grey part of the garage to paint. Gonna roller blade across the blank white walls rather than brush so I ought to be able to finish up before cooler weather descends from the Gulf of Alaska.

The 8 foot wide/5 foot high windows arrive this afternoon. Pics to follow of the installation. Ought to be amazing. The Aussie has installed a winch up the stairs to pull the windows to the second level. Hopefully his plan works well. Most do.

Gonna quit for now. Have to take off the gold rings that hug cold air to my digits.

Be well, you southerners. Catch you after I've washed the paint off my elbows.