Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ginger Cookies and Garage Doors

Today's the day - maybe the last of the 70F (20C) days before the cool sets in. Prediction for tomorrow is 56F high.

Can't paint the trim on the garage til the Aussie bloke paints the champhers on the back of the know, the ones surrounding the new windows. Have to be sure there is enough paint for that job cause crawling up onto the snow covered roof top is NOT a good idea. Besides, paint needs certain temperatures to set properly.

As a result, I will scrape and paint the white part of the garage door and await further developments.

And, I will make a batch of Ginger Cookies to fuel our determination not to forget Oz and the Buderim Factory and tantalyzing Bundaburg Ginger Beer - the best on the planet.

A few days ago I made Anzacs - they were good but not so good as the ones we buy at the Rosalie Store next to the Deli. Those can't be beat. I'll have to steal the recipe to bring back with us next time. Probably wouldn't cook as well anyway - American ovens are too large! :)

So, with cookie dough on my knuckles and paint on my elbows, I wish you a most amazing Friday.