Friday, October 15, 2010


Red Room, a writers web site, asked members to blog this week on 'gardens'.

For the past three hours I've been painting the garage - repeititious task that it is, I enjoy the opportunity to let my mind wander whilst in the midst - not so far as to knock the paint off the ladder (I've done that once or twice.)

Suddenly, it occurred to me that I live in one of the largest gardens on the planet - must be 500 miles square at least if one includes the Canadian component. I think that makes it a 25,000 square mile garden - a bread basket that is capable of feeding the planet while at the same time (because it sits atop the Bakken Oil Shale Fields) fueling at least the needs of the Americas.

How enormously productive is this land! Dark black soil mixed with deep grey clay that sticks to your boot bottoms is somehow left over from the glacial period that scoured so much of North America at some earlier period in our history.

The tomatoes, onions, potatoes, beets, corn, parsley, spinich, carrots that have been grown in this land feed the local people. The beef that graze the harvested oat fields have no 'mad cows' , no e-coli cause they are grass fed.

We fortunate few live in a land that leads the nation in parking spaces, where there are not enough folks to do the work that needs doing; where the only real problem is finding housing for the winter because once upon a time folks used to leave this bountiful country for cities throughout the continent and their homes fell into the hands of the local raccoons - I wonder if folks realize what they have left behind?
I know the raccoons are appreciative - until that is, folks like the Aussie and I kick em out.
We're blessed to be here. Hope you feel the same way about your home.