Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Full Moon on Stoney Run

On the prairie the full moon is harbinger of change. Above is a photo of the moon over our lovely slough better known as Stoney Run. Graham took it with his digital from the front porch a few days ago.

The weather cooperated perfectly! Predictions for snow flurries manifested about 9 a.m. First time since childhood that I watched white rain turn into snow as I made the bed this morning.

Ah, if you computed that information properly, you might wonder what time we exited the warm covers. :) Late - When I bopped into the kitchen to turn on the espresso machine, the clock over the stove read 8:18.

Wandering through the southwest wind to the post office required several layers including my heavy duty down jacket, big enough to hide three small children in the sleeves alone, and my Nordacotah wind jacket. Snow men had nothing on me in terms of girth as I ventured out.

No mail worth the journey - just adverts - but the trek across town was invigorating.