Monday, October 18, 2010

Cold Last Night, Cold the Night Before

Cold! Is 26F (-1C) cold? You bet!! Skittering across the kitchen floor this morning to check the indoor/outdoor themometer, my toes knew the temps had fallen precipitiously.

The only sign of the change in temperature outside, however, was the frost on the front windshield of the 'ute' (pick-up).

Inside was a different story. We turn the thermostat on the furnace to 'off' when we go to bed, but what that really means is that the thermostate clicks into action with the temps inside the house reach 50F. For the house to cool that much, outside had to be pretty darn cool.

So, here I sit without my gold rings - they collect cold and make my fingers tingle. I have my little possum/wool beanie on my head and my warm fluffy turtleneck jacket round my shouders. My toes are still cold. Gonna have to put on my down booties pretty soon or go for a long walk to warm up the extremities from inside-out.

What will we do when the harvested prairie becomes a winter wonderland?

Yesterday weheaded for the 'big smoke' and bought cross country ski boots to go with our cross country skiis. When the snow falls, we'll practice on the flatlands and then throw em into the back of the pick-up (ute) and head south to Zion National Park to join family for Thanksgiving.

Pack up again after the celebratory week end and head for points west - Whitney Portal - to wait for mountain snow on which we can practice as well as entertain visitors from Oz as well as those from southern and middle California.

Life's Good - a great brand name!!