Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blueberry Pie

Domestic - took til age 70 (almost) for me to try out 'domestic'.

The prairie will do that to ya. Autumn has been miraculous. This morning is more of the same. Temps threaten to break 65F (20C - not sure why I continue to translate, very few Aussies stop by these days), the sun streams through our north east facing windows, and all is well in our world.

The mayor is coming to dinner tonight. I am baking a blueberry pie in celebration thereof. First one ever. There have been a number of firsts in the kitchen lately. I made my first espresso on our 1995 vintage commercial espresso machine this week. I mixed up a batch of ginger cookies to go with the coffee..never before! I used the slow cooker better known as a crockpot (usually a term to describe my ideas about the industrialization of the prairie - or is that crackpot) at least once a week. I painted the entire garage except for the line between the grey-blue face and the merlot trim (got the Aussie with a steadier hand to draw the line).

All the while my mind is busier than usual contemplating BHP Billiton (a South African conglomerate who holds the environement in contempt) trying a hostile take over of Potash Canada five miles across the border. One might argue that is a problem for the Canadians to deal with. Nope! The drill holes may be in Canada six miles north of us, but the plant will be here in Burke County seven miles down the highway.

You see, domestication takes on new meaning when it involves protecting the environment as well as establishing a home in a new land. Guess life really never changes. Robin Hood and Jack on his beanstalk - We're all charged with having a positive impact when the giants/warlords come to town.