Monday, September 27, 2010

Windows open all night long!

Can you believe it? After a killing frost less than a week ago, we slept last night with the windows open here on the prairie - we didn't even use the bulky 'doona' atop the bed.

I sit here in my bathrobe with my first cuppa close by enjoying the morning sun as it dabbles with building shadows across the room.

We installed a bird feeder full of seeds just outside the lounge room window and wait impatiently for the first winged crittur to find it. The Canada geese honk happily on the slough, the leaves on all our poplar trees , having turned a brilliant yellow, are falling one at a time to the ground.

You are probably tired of reading about the weather on the prairie. I'll try to find something new to share - but let me assure you that life is good - beyond our expectations good!

Hope the same sense of security and comfort and beauty inspire you this morning.