Monday, September 20, 2010

Who Is George Cadbury?

Whoever he is, this morning his name came up on my Yahoo page as a birthday boy. As a result G-man and I did a little research. Wonderments.

We found out that George was the son of John Cadbury who founded the Cadbury Chocolate empire purchased by Kraft earlier this year. Urgh.

But what we also found out was that Cadbury nowadays uses transfats in their chocolate and using a bit of tricky skull duggery they round down the amount on the label to '0' percent! Triple urgh!!! (info thanks to Wikipedia.)

So, we went in search of a chocolate company who didn't use the ole 'transfat' hydrogenated stuff and what did we find? Godiva chocolate!!

And what did we buy? Dark chocolate cocoa and dark chocolate bars! Yep, we're addicted and we might as well eat cocoa butter rather than hydrogenated palm oil. Want to join us?

(if you want to read the wiki article, click on the title to this post)