Monday, September 06, 2010

Sleeping with the Angels

Yep, my favourite angel was snuggled into his side of our queen size last night, snoring gently away this early morning after a good night's rest.

Woke to overcast skies - damn - was going to trim the weeds, grass, and upstart trees around the garage in preparation for new paint tomorrow. Drizzle will keep me indoors instead. Not a negative change in plans - I've emails and letters to write so the folks back home know they are loved and missed.

Brekkie at the Nygaard farm - oatmeal, flax seed, yogurt, and sultanas - perfect Sunday breakfast with friends. An internet connection together with electricity to boot makes all the difference in our Sunday celebrations. My silver laptop is plugged in, booted up, and functioning perfectly.

Unlike our PC which bottomed out on Friday night - monitor developed long lines of colour, motherboard followed shortly after. As a result, we toddled off to Minot and Best Buy on Saturday to buy a new Asis computer and LG LED monitor - As soon as the electricity is connected, we'll be back to streaming video instead of a TV set and I won't have to hike out to farmland to jot you all a note.

Life is certainly NOT boring on the prairie - good friends and community make it all work, however. Thank the goddess for the little town into which we have fallen.