Friday, September 10, 2010

Nordacotah Bluster

It's a stormy day here on the northern tier of the USA — not so wet, but blustery - big winds and entirely overcast skies. No vitamin D produced on my skin today. All the lights I bought at Menards last year are full sunlight bulbs, but they do us no good these days since we have no electricity..ho hum...

The state electricity inspector won't be in Flaxton til Monday or Tuesday of next week..makes it two weeks with no power except for 'Owen' the Briggs and Stratton generator pumping power into the house from outside. Actually, he's sitting on the covered bed of Tina's UTE parked outside the back door.

The G-man is superb in all ways. He not only fixed the osmosis machine this morning — it had a small leak, but he also, brought me a pair of down slippers and even put them on my feet so my toses wouldn't be cold. How's that for service?

We are smiling in our 60 degree home no matter that the weather storms around us. The question is will we still be smiling when the temps drop to '0' or lower and we've lived two weeks with no sun?