Friday, September 17, 2010

No more Carcinoma

Two hundred miles, two hundred miles = 400 miles round trip; a long way to go for medical treatment!

Just before I flew north from Australia, my GP diagnosed a basal cell carcinoma growing on the right side of my nose just below the corner of my right eye. No time to see a surgeon in Oz.

Yesterday, with the help of the Crosby Clinic nurse here in my neighbourhood, I met the surgeon who removed the red devil and sewed my face back together.

No biggie!

The larger than life part of the story is that in order to see a surgeon trained to do this work before 1 December I had to travel 200 miles to Bismarck, the capital of North Dakota. The doctors in my immediate area are 40 miles distant and untrained to do this work. The dermatologists in Minot, 80 miles distant, had no appointments until 1 December. I think that means there are simply not enough doctors trained in dealing with carcinomas in this region of the country.

Taking that into consideration, it seems to me that the 'outback' of America is in dire need of physicians trained to deal with the most common sorts of medical problems facing the residents. More places must be funded at medical schools across the country to accommodate the training of medical professionals; those professionals, it seems to me, ought to repay their financial debts for their medical training by spending the first five years of their professional life in the 'outback'..whether that means 'outback' urban areas or 'outback' rural areas.

We all deserve to have well trained medical professionals available to us so that America can regain her position in the world as a healthy culture...dont'cha think?