Saturday, September 11, 2010

Home, Sweet Home

Blue skies permeate the morning - huge sun fills the house with warmth - for a little while..

Fast moving weather swirls past my lounge room windows, faster than anything I can remember passing my office windows in the fig tree wilderness of Brisbane. Beneath the clouds intersperse swathes of blue skies backdroping the green filigree of trees dancing in the breeze.

I am reminded of my mother's frustration with me for choosing loyalty to California rather than to my birthplace, Michigan. It always irritated her that I left, but even more she was irritatated that I preferred some other climate, some other cultural ambiance.

Her own loyalty was promised to the industrial city that Detroit and Flint had become as well as to the change in seasons of her home. She had travelled outside her state, but it was always with a breath of relief that she returned.

Although as I grow old, I look more and more like my mother and my laughter is a sound bite taken directly from her vocal chords, the similarity seems to be mostly physical; my loyalty to any one place is far less developed than hers.

I have lived for long periods of my life in Michigan, Arizona, California, Oregon, South Dakota, Queensland, and now North Dakota, I feel no particular call to be loyal to any— well, except for the dramatic sun filled, snow covered Sierra Nevada of central California.

I intended to write this entry dismissing my need to have a special place on the planet. I thought I was one of those persons who just settles into whatever weather pattern or cultural milieu in which she found herself.

But, that is not true. I am loyal and most comfortable in one geography — the backbone of the western edge of the north american continent. That is where my heart sings; where no depth of snow is too deep, where no thunderstorm is too violent, where no predator is too dangerous; those mighty granite slopes bring peace and joy to my life.

Here on the prairie, it is the companionship of my longest known friend who creates that same sense of comfort, who gives me pause for hilarity and joy.

What a fortunate 'oldie' I am to be so blessed in the last third of my lifetime!