Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A Government for Australia — FINALLY

Whew! And now the real fun begins.

How ever will the Labour Party manage so many prima donnas..or is that prima dons?

Gonna be a sideshow a minute for the duration of this government.

But happy I am that Kevin is about to be welcomed back into the echelons of power in Australia. His abilities are the ones I most admire. Watching him brush back his blond fringe just feels like old home week.

Been a long time, Kevy! I will not be comfortable about the government til you are re-instated as a senior official in what could be a political golden age —predicated on the power of the independents and the greens some honest to goodness diplomatic decisions are going to have to be actualized.

Watching carefully, ya'll, from far away on the American prairie, but happy as a cuckoo whose found a nest into which to deposit the eggs of my expectations!