Saturday, September 04, 2010

Friday Evening and the sun refuses to set

Seems so strange to be wandering around the garden at 9 p.m. with the sun not yet over the horizon.

Wasps are beginning a new nest after we decimated their previous nest three days ago. Insects rule - no doubt. Saw two little yellow and black behinds weaving a new paper wasp house in the bushes near the front door. Makes me smile to know just how inventive and determined they are.

Today was a delivery, shopping, and doctor's appt. day only the doctor is a nurse practioner and she was busy. My needs were tended to by the nurse - she worked miracles. I will have an appointment made with the dermatologist and be off to the big town 80 miles away sometime late next week. I left Oz with a basal cell carcinoma, not serious, but needing removal - on the corner of my nose just below my right eye.

Still no electric power except with our little generator which enables me to type this note on a Friday evening so we had dinner at the farm - delicious parmasan breaded chicken, fresh peas and asparagus along with a decent white wine. Yummy and I can still type

I hope to sleep with the angels tonight.