Monday, September 27, 2010

29C - swans are enjoying the slough

Two huge white birds (Swans), Canada geese, and a hundred ducks dot the surface of the slough that backs up to our back garden.

Freight trains chew chew chew chew past on the other side of town after the engineer blasts his warning that the road will be closed for ten minutes while the Canadian railroad cars swiftly head east to Chicago.

Took a mile walk north of town this evening. Gartner snakes lurking in the grass along the road, grass hoppers happy with leg brushing. The sun hot and direct in the western sky kept me company and continues high in the sky even at 7 p.m.

The morning of our killing frost is long forgotten in the midst of this Indian summer weather.

Life on the prairie is relaxed, quiet mostly (in between trains transiting the prairie), and friendly. Several townsfolk stopped to talk while I sifted, weeded, and prepared the rich prairie soil for tulip, iris, and narcissis bulbs that will bloom next March/April.