Sunday, August 22, 2010

We're HERE!

Leavin on the next plane; don't know when I'll be back agaiin!

Well, actually, we've arrived on the last plane..and we do know when we intend to head back south - sometime in May 2011. I was angsting about whether the G-man would make it through immigration - no worries -

This day we retreat occasionally into jetlag heaven - otherwise known as naptime - before we head further east to Arizona where we will visit with my middle child and thenhead north to the prairie.

Great sadness as we departed New Zealand...I watched out the window as we cleared the island and I realized it was all blue pacific for another 11 hours - A good tail wind made the trip only 10 and a half hours during which Jonesses and An Education played on my individual tv screen - both commentary on the real world that offers a pause for thought.

Arriving over the North American continent at Los Angeles, I once again took a long look out the window as we circled and landed from the east. Dozens of baseball diamonds - only in America. I knew we were in LA when the cement rivers with merely a trickle mid-stream followed the ribbons of freeway from mountainous horizon to mountainous horizon.

Home; we are in our northern home.