Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Computer connection is good. I type these words on my trusty mac laptop whilst sitting on my sweet bear couch in my very own lounge room situated right here in Flaxton.

This be our home; not his home, not my cabin, but our own little cottage rescued from the rakkoon klan.

Rod Stewart melodies fill the room from Pandora; we've just discovered that we can access Mad Men on line, Foyle's War episodes accompanied us on dvds from Oz, Weather Underground alerts us to the most immediate changes in our outside ambiance; our neighbours needs have been met. We sprayed the wasp nest located very near our front door last night while the busy critturs were slowing down due to cool night temps. Neighbour Annie needs no longer be concerned about wasp stings to her young children.

The once water inundated basement has a new drain connected to the city sewer system, a new circuit breaker board is waiting to be installed; the furnace works! And hooray, G-man turned it on this morning when he saw me wringing my hands - rings make my fingers cold when temps drop.

Neighbours coming for stuffed zucchini dinner on Tuesday night; last night we enjoyed prairie raised chicken and new potatoes fresh from the black Dacotah soil out at the Nygaard farm; time to reciprocate and once again enjoy the humour and comraderie of small town nordamerica.