Friday, August 13, 2010


Isn't packing a bother? Especially packing for a ten month sojourn....three seasons, northern and southern hemisphere?

I do hate being cold but even more dislike glowing in the midst of summer humidity...what to take to avoid both and keep within the baggage weight limits of modern air travel —

I've emptied closets, packed away all the stuff that is staying here; filled the bags with moth repellent, and tucked them safely into closets where they will guard their contents for the duration.

But, still lying on the bed in the guest room are the items I may and those that I may not include in my travel bag - which has wheels, but at the same time is going to have to accommodate the weight of at least one nail gun so that Aussie can fit new windows into the upstairs bedroom and fashion a new set of stairs to the second floor. I suppose there will be other essential equipment that will need to find a corner in my luggage as well..

A couple pair of shorts - its warm in Nordamerika in August, a tank top or three, a long sleeved shirt to ward off the sunshine, my trekking hat and poles, a sturdy pair of shoes and my sandals to show off my new toenail polish. One pair of long pants for evening, a skirt and matching top in case dress up is required, propolis toothpaste and calendula cream - Oh I know, they produce the same stuff in the northern hemisphere :)

It's all sitting there just waiting for me to fold it again, to tuck the scanty panties into the corners, the warm winter socks into the other corners and the summer nighties on top with the cashmere sweater and silk long sleeved blouse that go everywhere with me.

I just recharged my American mobile ( ah er cell) phone and my camera. They'll fit into my computer bag which fortunately every airline allows me to carry transpacifically.

Decisions, decision, decisions !