Thursday, August 05, 2010

Kevin - The Ex Prime Minister of Australia

It's not often I have something positive to write about a politico, but an extra-ordinary interview took place last night on ABC radio here in Australia.

Click on the title of this entry to go to the ABC page where you can listen to the interview.

Some background for you outlanders. Three months ago, the current Prime Minister was replaced by a new Labor Prime Minister. In other words, Kevin Rudd, was tossed in a midnight dumpster.

The new Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, called an election a month later, an election campaign in the middle of which we find ourselves at the moment.

Now to add to the drama, Kevin Rudd, who is contesting his seat to represent his electorate here in Brisbane, this week, went in for emergency gall bladder surgery.

He is now out of hospital and the interview to which I refer is his first upon recovery.

This is a man with principles, a man with integrity, a man with a purpose, a leader who believes firmly in all he has accomplished for the people of Australia.

If I had a vote, I'd cast it in his direction.