Sunday, August 08, 2010

A High School Valedictorian Speaks Out

Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling in Graduation Speech

Click on the title of this post to find the full content of Erica Goldson's Valedictory Speech. She's right on!

Whose to blame? Not important.

Who can change the environment, rules, and expectations? You and me!

Take heart, there are kids and parents out there who want more than rote, who prefer children to be thoughtful and creative, curious and wrong sometimes, who think the process is more important than the outcome - scores on national and state tests.

It's been eight years since I spent time in a classroom as a high school English teacher. The situation hasn't much changed in that time although there have always been advocates of 'thinking', of individualized creativity, people who work quietly in the background to create spaces inside of which teens can investigate and learn rather than 'follow directions'.

I celebrate Erica's speaking out. I don't much appreciate Mencken, but I do applaud his observation. Hopefully with the school year about to begin once more, teachers around the USA will take a look at what a Valedictorian has to say.

And hopefully, Australia and her present Prime Minister will take note and discontinue the waste of funds being expended on 'national testing'. URGH>>>>>