Saturday, August 28, 2010


Prairie Home - sunshine and a lovely sky blue peacefulness resonates throughout the house.

All kinds of issues upon our arrival will be solved in due time. The G-man has the skills to tackle almost any problem created by too much rain or too much wind.

We had been told that the basement had had 8 inches of water flow in from the ground water table but it looks more like 24 altogether wetted the goodies stored downstairs - including a bunch of canned goods that we had put below the frost level so they didn't freeze.

Tools, lots of power tools were inundated; the water heater's innards were destroyed, but somehow the Aussie bloke has made it all right. We will have to buy more tools tomorrow to replace those soaked, but tonight he is in the midst of taking a HOT shower before we head out for WallEye at the local dinner house six miles down the road.

It's been a long journey this time with opportunities to spend time with some loved entities. From the desert mountains of southern California to the massive forests of northern Arizona's San Francisco Peaks and finally arriving to the warm welcome of Bismarck where we supped on some superb northern prairie food - yummy beets, tantalyzing beef, and yummy walleye..along with some great California wines..couldn't be better..

So, stories to come about the wasps' nest in the nearby lilac bushes, one hundred wild cats in town, a new car wash, and the raccoons are back!

be well...we are happy to be home..