Friday, July 16, 2010

Time Capsule

Somebody's stolen weeks of my life. I've been looking everywhere. Can't find em..Two weeks gone..well ten days at least!

How could it be so long since last I posted? Just can't figure it out.

Lovely winter afternoon, deepest blue skies, westerlies on parade, life is presently delightful - that is, until I realize I had failed to communicate for so long.

Distractions these days include writing, writing, writing, and sending short stories, travel stories, and articles off to magazines. Amazes me how long it actually takes to personalize each submission. The story changes every time I send it out. No two the same.

So, a month to go before my last appt. with the surgeon who gave me a new half-knee and then we fly north following the birds to warmer climes - sounds strange doesn't it. We northern hemisphere folks just don't realize that there are other ways to be in the world. :)

Catch you laters....I have a story to write about a seven year old - a young girl who forced a school to find her parents.