Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Python joins traffic jam

RUSSIANS stuck in a traffic jam watched in astonishment as a two-metre-long python slithered into a neighbouring car.

The snake had apparently escaped from the home of its owner in Samara, a southern city on the Volga, when it joined the traffic yesterday


Looks like the big snakes are omni-continental.

Do you remember the tale I told of the twelve foot long carpet python stretching across a suburban road?

My second year in Queensland - I was headed home from my walk in the Mt. Cooth-tha Wilderness Park when what to my wondering eyes should appear? Yep, a sea green/deep blue Persian carpet of snake sunning on the black bitumen road ahead.

First bewilderment, second amazement, third adrenalin -

Stunning crittur! The goddess gift is one I shall always hold dear!

My only choice was to run over the artistically designed snake who stretched from one side of the road to the fern fronds on the other or wait - You know what transpired - a glorious patience ensued as the king of the road slowly undulated to the creek side of the pavement.

Life is full of gifts. I am sure the Russian commuters will agree.