Sunday, June 20, 2010

Magnificient Sunday

Autumn has to be the absolute best season in mid-continent east coast Australia.

Even the birds cooperate. Was talking on the phone to a friend in America this morning - sitting in the back garden surrounded by sunshine when a Kookaburra couple stopped for a visit. Such Aries birds - they absolutely had to join in the conversation with a three minute laughing cackle heard for a kilometer round. Which, of course, means my American friend was part of the friendly greeting.

Love this place. Difficult to think of leaving in order to spend some time in that other part of the planet that I love so thoroughly.

I have work to do on DAS BOOK...which has metamorphosed from 35 long chapters to 45 short ones. Today my job is to take out every adverb, preposition, cluttering term, unnecessary phrase, incident that does not contribute to the final outcome of the book. It's hard work - losing those darlings, but necessary. Yesterday took a total of 300 words out of the combined first three chapters - adds up to one whole page - (very,magnificently,birds nest descriptors). I'll save em all up and make a poem entitled - Omitted -

Happy all and to all a fine day