Friday, June 25, 2010

Australia has her first female Prime Minister

Click on the title to today's entry to read a blog entry by Andrew Bolt about Kevin Rudd's fall from favor with the Labor Party of Australia.

It felt very strange to wake yesterday morning to discover that at 9 a.m. Canberra time, we might have a change in leadership. An alien concept to Americans except in the case of assassination of our President.

130 parliamentary party members were about to make a decision for 22 million Australians.

Personally, I appreciate Kevin's attempt to change the Australian balance of wealth. He is an intelligent, capable man whose primary concern has not been for himself, but for the working class peoples of the country he was elected to lead.

Irony reigns as billionaire mining magnates coerced their employees to join them as they invested half a million dollars on emotive television advertisements in support of not taxing mining companies. Their purpose - to topple a prime minister who was working diligently, if not effectively, to give the working class citizens of his country some part of the massive wealth which the billionaires were digging from the soil and selling off to Japan and China.

So, I will miss the blond boy -

We'll see how his red-headed Welsh born second in command does now that she has the mantle of power on her shoulders.