Saturday, May 22, 2010

Samoans Rock

They climb trees pretty damn well, too.

Five handsome Samoan lads, one beautiful Soman gal, and Mr. Moli, their headman, have just provided a little light to our back veranda by cutting a huge limb (about seventy feet off the ground) from our neighbour's Morton Bay Fig - of course, said limb was overhanging our back garden and impeding the growth of our full bodied Macadamia tree that was edging closer and closer to the back deck of the house in search of light.

So, Macadamia has been trimmed back to harvestable size, light streams into the wintery garden, and the sounds of Samoan and buzz saws will soon be a vestige of the past.

Love these guys, love their energy, love their skill.

A lovely autumn Saturday in Brizzie town