Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday - Time to see the surgeon

Ok, dear world -

I'm seeking all the blasts of positive energy you are willing to send in my direction. In four hours I check into Brisbane Private Hospital in preparation for tomorrow morning's knee replacement surgery.

All my tears, my brand new hives, and my reticence to go under the knife (ah er saw) aside. My Aussie family has been particularly supportive, but they don't deal with tears well - useless from their perspective, these tears of mine!

Instead they volunteered to set up my indoor bicycle again so I could listen to Enya and peddle into acceptance. Seems to have worked.

Cat Stevens is currently on my puter, Enya on my ipod. My daypack is full of nighties, dressing gown (robe), slippers, A Fine Balance, a superb Indian novel by Rohinton Mistry, rutin tablets - I go nowhere without my rutin, a toothbrush and propolis toothpaste.

What else could I possibly need?

Just your good wishes! Thanks in advance.