Thursday, May 27, 2010

HOUSE - is blogging simply a community effort

I was about to share the process of healing after my first attempt at becoming a bionic person.

However, on Sunday evening we watched HOUSE. There she was, a patient with an undiagnosible ailment; and what was she doing? Checking in with her blog respondents about whether to use pig gut or plastic in a surgical procedure.

Hummm..wisdom prevailed and I didn't ask any of you whether I ought to go off all my meds after an allergic reaction created a rash from nose to knee. I just quit the meds - called the doctor the next day to ask about the wisdom of my decision.

His response - Do as you like. Whew!

No more blood thinners, no more narcotic pain relief, no more anti-inflamatory, no more analgesic.

You can guess the results - lots of discomfort -not in the replaced knee, but in my upper leg and lower back. They must toss bodies to and fro on the surgical table to get at the necessary bits, cause I do have some strained tendons and muscles.

After two sleepless nights, I reniged - Yep, I'm back on the analgesics - Paracetamol is good stuff and doesn't seem to cause the rash.

And - ice is good! after each exercise session designed to move the soft parts of my knee to allow the bionic parts to operate, I ice!!

So, please forgive any spelling and typo errors - I'm on my little laptop tablet. no spell check handy..the screen is small.

After all this effort, I'm resolved: we're headed for Whitney as soon as we get to America - pain free, I hope