Thursday, April 08, 2010

Universal Unconscious - death

Welcome to my unconscious - May it meet your own this morning in a celebration of autumn/spring depending on which hemisphere you call home.

Spent yesterday listening to a 77 year old tell me why he thought it appropriate that he be allowed to suicide rather than face the unrelenting parade of symptoms leading eventually to his death.

Solution? We talked of goals! At least temporarily, he seemed willing to work toward those before taking the end of his life into his own hands.

I do have a problem with family members having the power to formulate how one ought to end one's life rather than allowing an individual the power to make that decision himself - especially when himself is 77.

Why must any of us over 70 have to consider the effect of our demise on those who are our children. Seems we have lived long enough, sacrificed to our families enough that we ought to be able to make our own decision about when and how we orchestrate our consciousness leaving this body.