Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday

Why ever does the Christian church label this day Good Friday?

Perhaps, it's just a masochistic joke promoting the tenet that pain is good, that suffering is to be desired.

I can't buy into that view of life these days.

On the other hand, I am delighted to rise this morning to sunshine in my east facing windows, no construction workers in the neighbours back garden; quiet reigns; just me and the birds.

Was up early this morning: 3:30 a.m...oh well..did a sudoku and went back to bed, but was entertained most of the time I was wandering around the dark house by a pack of kookaburras...delightful early morning chorus.

In Ozland, this week-end is an un-official national holiday - every thing is closed today and Sunday. Families are off to their last week-end trip to the beach. Good on em, I say. We are enjoying the end of summer, the last few days of daylight before 6 a.m. The equinox is past; the solstice is not far in the future.

And I am in love! with my world, with my sweet husband, with my friends, and the world in general. Hope the day dawns tomorrow with the same mood for each of you!