Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cooktown - On the Way North

Tomorrow we board the Sunlander and a day and a half later after 1800 kilometres of train travel we arrive in Australia's tropical rain forest.

Cairns is also a popular portal to the Great Barrier Reef, but we've been there, done that - years ago. Amazing environment - everybody ought to, at one time of his/her life, experience a swim in a reef. Snorkelling is good enough, SCUBA is better!

However, we will remain on the landed side of this fabulous environment heading into the jungle that is the eastern peninsula of Northern Australia.

It's been raining!

As if it ever really stops up there these days. So four wheel driving on the highways - dirt tracks sliding through stream beds - lots of sand - lots of crocs - lots of snakes - an emu or seven - an adventure!

I will report upon our return - flying home next week!