Friday, March 19, 2010

Tips for Growing Brains, Behaviors and Ideas!

Brains, brains, brains = creativity!!
Came across an article by M.A. Greenstein on the PositScience website today that I thought you all might find interesting. Below is the crux of the information. If you click on the title to this blog entry, you will go to the site where the entire article is located.

It seems to me that this information forms the best argument set out so far for governments NOT placing curbs on what can be read, accessed on the net. To do so limits the creativity of the populace thereby limiting the financial success of the nation.

"My take home message: Before you jump into a novel brain/mind stimulation practice, consider the simple facts and ideas to which a global community of creative agents (and as I am learning, recovering brain injured) can agree:

1. Fresh and unusual ideas grow wild like weeds; look for any crack in the sidewalk of your brain-mind; that is where you’re likely to find growth.
2. Cherish the BIG freedom to be curious, to look up, down, all around.
3. Novel ideas emerge when we are immersed, fully attentive, “in love” or in the “flow” with what we’re doing; inspiration matters.
4. Learn to navigate feelings of uncertainty with confidence and with assistance from wise others – colleague, coach or friend. Mine those feelings for new maps, new landscapes to explore, new experiences to adapt, embed and grow your brain!
5. Be willing to think “different.” Risk breaking cultural, grammatical or logical rules (like Apple, Inc. does), to “diverge” and take alternate routes to solve a problem. Dare to stand with artists, scientists, designers and entrepreneurs — those remarkable creative agents who challenge the status quo because they feel compelled to “want to know.”

As I intimated above, I am currently gathering insights from recovered brain injured professionals who reveal the powerful role personal acts of creativity play healing from brain trauma. I hope to share some of those thoughts in a future blog."