Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lovely Autumn morning

Ah sunshine!

Birdsong mixes with angle grinders: storm bird sighs and hammers, butcher bird chortle highlights diesel generators.

How long will building be part of our 7 a.m. life? Too long.

We've almost given up - be sure to note the 'almost'. In August, before the destructionists begin the end of two houses across the street in preparation for the building of a new four story house complete with tennis court and then the next house is razed to be replaced with a steel, glass, and concrete abomination, we will vacate the premises - leave for America and points east for at least a year.

When we return, hopefully, our neighbourhood will once again be the peaceful inner city suburb that it has been for the past hundred years. Only this time, neighbours will park underneath their homes in four vehicle parking garages and we'll have the patter of tennis balls on concrete to augment the kookaburra chuckle in the early morning.

I seem to be complaining, but I am a realist and I do enjoy the idea of the new Clem7 tunnel under the Brisbane River that bypasses 24 traffic lights to take traffic from the north to the south side of the city in one fell swoop (may there be no falls). Like many others, though, I do wish that same regeneration of old structures had not invaded my private neighbourhood. Fortunately we were absent when one of those structures filled with abestos was removed from the property. We are all better off without that two apartment complex and we will be better off without the blond brick ediface to be replaced with a tennis court. I would simply prefer NOT to be here during the renovations.

Enough complaints..

Happy Thursday to all..