Wednesday, March 03, 2010

How Can Anyone Object to a Change in USA health care programs?

You don't have to be the brightest light in the darkness to understand the chart above? Isn't it obvious that nine countries in what is commonly referred to as the 'western world' have longer life expectancies than the USA for their citizens and all at a fraction of the price?

SWITZERLAND, CANADA, AUSTRIA, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA, SWEDEN, SPAIN, FINLAND, NEW ZEALAND, PORTUGAL and SOUTH KOREA spend less then Americans are forced to pay and the product they get in return for their dollars includes a higher quality of a longer life than American citizens can expect.

What kind of a dolt does one have to be to object to trying something new, trying anything new in the face of the current investment that produces such a mediocre outcome?

I'm appalled by silly Tea Party activists with their signs 'Hands off my health care'.

Actually, I have no problem with their opting out of any new program. 'Let them eat cake,' say I. My children and my grandchildren, however, deserve a life expectancy at least as long as my own.

More taxes a problem? The USA has lowest personal income taxes in the 'western world', what are folks objecting to?

I know that you know if you are reading these words that the real issue is not about MY taxes.

The issue is that corporate America spends billions of dollars attempting to influence citizens who refuse to think for themselves in an effort convince them to vote for fiscal and health related programs that benefit the corporations, no matter the cost to the individual American. URGH!!