Monday, March 29, 2010

Falling Over

Yep - Yesterday, I took my first bicycle ride in a year.

Bit trepedicious at the start - shaky on the downhill, pulled too hard on the handbrakes, not sure how I'd handle stopping and climbing off.

Eventually, all felt balanced - didn't take any risks at intersections. Crossed on foot!

Was doing damned well until I came to a family walking in front of me across the entire pathway. I reached down to ring my bike-bell to let them know I was behind them, lost my balance and went flying!! Conked my head on the handle bars - bike helmet took care of that. Smashed my thigh into the rest of the handle bars - small bruise, and met a lovely Maori mom who came to my rescue, helped me up, expressed concern on my behalf, and sent me with a smile on my way.

Will try again soon, but not this morning - rain, lovely rain will keep me indoors for the day!