Monday, March 15, 2010

Dogs and Chocolate - Sisters and Community

An email exchange -

You won’t believe what happened after you left…. Carita and I were out on the deck for just a few minutes, and the dog stole [and ate!] the entire remainder of the cake….. a true sister in chocoholic-dom! There are some afternoons when just a sliver of cake will not cut it, and so Janet took her courage in hand and put her nose to the grindstone [well plate really] and went for it! Before we came back into the room she had 3 distinct piles of crumbs and cake debris on the floor which we left her to clean up since there’s no point in spoiling a gurl’s cake session when she has need.

Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon with conversation aplenty and love shared. You are very special to both Carita and myself!

* * *

My dear Faresister and Seeker sisters....

You have to give her credit, Janet is a focused animal! Can't you just imagine what was going on in her mind - 'patience, have a little patience. They'll leave and I'll have the entire cake to myself.'

She certainly didn't stray far from her goal, did she? Love her, love her quiet determination. I, too, loved the cake. Janet and I are of like mind concerning those flavors. Yummy.

I enjoyed, too..thank you for including me. The two of you are so like little sisters to me - I don't think any subject is off limits, too much, too deep, or too silly for us to share. Thank you for that.

It is the two of you along with other Aussie and British women to whom you have introduced me as well as a few of other females on the planet I have managed to find on my own that make Brisbane a deeply resonating home.

I do love the Aussie bloke, but as is always the case, one person does not a community make. It takes scads of similarly minded folks (women) to cross each others palms with the gold of shared stories to turn a home into a community.

I am so at peace in this place this morning. Thank you for adding to that sensation of soul settling.

Hope this morning is full on - laughter and a sense of accomplishment in the work place..

love you,