Friday, February 19, 2010

Yep! Been out of commission for a day or so

Roller coaster time. You know the feeling? Every now and again the energy levels drop a tad and computer time flies by without my stopping in. Mostly that suggests that the weather systems have actually had impact on my emotional self which I suppose means the weather in some ways - high and low pressure - wrecks havoc with my neuro transmitters.

However, a discovery yesterday.

Went for a walk in the park whilst the Aussie was riding his bike nearby. (I chose NOT to ride mine because I have an appointment with the surgeon about knee replacement on Monday and I didn't want to have a scabbed up or scrapped knee from falling off my own bike) That's spelled the power of negative thinking. :(

Back to the discovery. I love it that the universe gives gifts even when we don't deserve them.

Have been wanting to sprout a Bunya Pine seed I have sitting here on my desk. On that just previous rainy day, we were headed out to steal some Bunya Pine soil in order to facilitate my plan. Rain interfered.

So, yesterday while wandering up and down the highest hills in the park, I found myself standing in what looked powerfully like a Bunya Pine grove. Actually, after a bit, I decided it was a Hoop Pine grove (close relative to Bunyas).

And there at my feet were twenty or thirty seedlings sprouting in the soil. Carefully, I moved my feet and discovered I was actually standing on a couple.

Hooray!! I am willing to start with close cousins.

I had no tools with which to extract any of the seedlings, but this afternoon I will. Report to follow.

I am once again a happy camper, able to jot you all a note; able to steal (rescue) a seedling, ready to get on with it!! (in the Aussie fashion)