Friday, February 12, 2010


The house angels arrive at noon every other Friday.

The Aussie and I vacate the premises so as not to interfere.

Today we had lunch at the Barracks - good flat whites in bowls and yummy wraps.

Then we toddled off to the Palace Cinema to see Invictus. Only we screwed up on the time. It started fifteen minutes before we arrived. Damn.

Instead, we bought tickets to Wolfman. I checked with the ticket salesman to see if I could call tonight in case I couldn't sleep. He claimed he wouldn't be around. Another Damn.

Entertaining movie. Three of my fav actors - Benicio del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, and Hugo Weaving. Acting was passable in all three cases. Make up was to die for - literally. Sets were especially appropriate. Well chosen and well rendered. del Toro was one of the producers. That means he put up some of the funds to move the production forward - interesting. First time I've seen him in a staring role. Not bad.

I wouldn't see it a second time, but enjoyed having the entire theatre auditorium to ourselves so I could jump right out of my seat at all the right moments without blocking any other viewers.